A Guide To Buying The Best Fish Oil

If you search for best fish oil on the web you’ll end up with several websites all claiming they have the best supplement available. But you don’t need to swallow that line because there’s a way to determine which supplement is the best. Although they are all fish oil, they’re not made equal, with some effective and others not so much. If you want to get the most for your money, then follow this guide.

Before You Buy

When looking for the best fish oil supplement, it’s important you do some research so you can make an informed choice. The problem with some fish oil products is they are formulated with inferior ingredients and could result in health problems instead of helping.

The best fish oil is determined not just by the EPA and DHA levels, but also the fats’ molecular structure. It’s the molecular structure that determines how well the product is absorbed, which makes all the difference. The evidence also suggests that natural fish oil is easier to absorb than the purified type, and it’s particularly effective for reducing inflammation.


The best fish oil brand only produces quality products and meet the standards set for dioxins, PCBs, heavy metals and other contaminants. Unless these standards are met or exceeded, then there’s no point considering them.

Is the Product Fresh?

High-quality fish oil must be fresh because omega 3 fatty acids are vulnerable to oxidation which leads to rancidness. This is something you need to avoid because rancid fish oil makes you vulnerable to inflammation. Worse, it makes you susceptible to the ailments and diseases you’re trying to avoid.


For the supplement to work, it must be potent and have sufficient amounts of long-chain omega-3 derivatives DHA and EPA. Both have benefits, but DHA is more vital for your health.

Alongside potency, you also need to consider the nutrients. Every fish oil has DHA and EPA, but some nutrients, like those from skate and cod, is hard to find in other fish and food sources, which is what makes them valuable.


The fatty acids’ molecular structure determines how well your body soaks in the beneficial elements of the fish oil, so it’s very important. This can be a complex issue, but basically what it comes down to is this: the more natural the structural composition is, the better.


Fish oil is a very popular supplement and widely available so there’s no reason to pay an exorbitant amount. Of course, you don’t want to settle for something that’s too cheap, but the bottom line is you mustn’t think that the most expensive is the best. Instead, check the product’s ingredients and reviews. Reviews are particularly important because it gives you a clue as to what people who actually bought the product and used it have to say.

As you shop for the best fish oil, make it a point to buy those made with fish that has the Marine Stewardship Council certification, or other groups that promote sustainable fishing.