Benefits Of Fish Oil

What Is Fish Oil Good For?

Due to the perceived notion that fish oil is good for health, the past decade has seen health experts investigate to find out what is fish oil good for. And after years of extensive research, they’ve finally come up with the answer, and as it turns out it’s good for a lot of things, which explains why the demand for fish oil supplements is at an all-time high right now. Fish Oil is Good for the Heart If you want to know what is fish oil used for, […]

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Why Ignoring These 7 Fish Oil Benefits May Cost You

In order for the human body to function at its best, we all require a reasonable intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential acids that can be found in a wide variety of different dietary sources. However, the primary source of Omega 3 is usually found in fish and seafood. Despite the numerous benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, research indicates that a large portion of American adults is deficient in this vital nutrient. Medical professionals strongly recommend that we all eat at least 2 […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Fish Oil?

The benefits of fish oil are numerous and unlike those of other herbal supplements, the evidence supporting is extensive. You probably already know that it improves digestion and is a natural anti-inflammatory, but what you probably weren’t aware of is the fact that it burns fat and increases bone density as well. Protection from Pollution One of the many fish oil benefits is protecting your organs from air pollution. In a 2012 study, several individuals were given 3 grams of fish oil daily for four weeks, after […]

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