Are All Fish Oil Pills The Same?

When you are looking to become healthy and improve your diet, you don’t worry about what fruit or veg to pick up off the shelf, because you know that they all provide benefits to your health.

However, this is certainly not the same when it comes to fish oil pills.

With hundreds of different fish oil products filling the shelves of the supermarkets, local health shops and the internet, you can guarantee that there will be huge differences. So are all fish oil pills the same? The answer is no!

Fish oil pills are a source of the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, which make up Omega 3. These types of fats are essential for the body because your body cannot produce them naturally. Fish is the main source and certain plants and nuts contain Omega 3 too.

So What Are The differences?

When looking into the question are all fish oil pills the same, you can bring many factors into account to determine the answer.

  • Purity – Different products will have different purity levels, you can be assured that the ones you see on the supermarket shelf are indeed very weak. What you need to ensure is that the levels of DHA and EPA are high in a product as this is what you will benefit from. Products containing low levels of these essential fatty acids will likely have additional fillers and additives making up the weight. These unwelcome additions may be harmful to your health!
  • Pollutants – If a product is of low quality, it is likely that it hasn’t been put through a full decontamination process. This may mean that the fish oil is contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury. Mercury has recently been linked to cancer so it is important to ensure that full decontamination procedures have been followed.
  • Coatings – A common complaint amongst consumers of fish oil is that they end up with fish burps. This happens when the tablet containing the fish oil is dissolved by the stomach and bubbles are formed once mixed with the stomachs content. Quality products now use the enteric coating which means the tablet passes through the stomach unscathed until it reaches the small intestine. Unfortunately, enteric coatings are expensive so many companies choose not to go down this route. You need to find a company that does.
  • Types of fish – Another thing you need to look into is what type of fish has been used in the product. Different fish contain different amounts of Omega 3 oil and also some fish are more prone to contamination than others. Make sure only the best fish has been used which has been sourced from clean waters.

Now you know the answers to the question are all fish oil pills the same, you can go out there with the knowledge that you will only be getting the best product. So many people are being misled by companies and all they need to do is a little research first!