Fish Oil Supplements: The Wrong Choice Might Be Harmful!

The Omega-3 from fish are the most under-consumed fats in the western world, we lack these more than anything else in our diets. These are essential for a healthy body and mind and we simply do not get enough of them.

However, not every brand of omega-3 fish oil supplements harbors the same qualities as each other, and some are actually dangerous for our health. So please take a little time out from your day to have a little read through my guide which will give you some vital information and education on Omega-3.

Let’s face it, no fish oil tastes good and is never one of those pleasurable substances to consume, which is one of the major reasons consumers like to see them blended and put into capsules. Omega-3 from fish oils that are in capsules is the best choice when it comes to wanting to avoid any of that smelly “fishy taste”. Whilst at the same time still providing you with all of the benefits for your health that omega-3 offers.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Omega-3?

These have been extremely well documented amid study after study being performed on omega-3 fish oils to establish what exactly the benefits are. Our brain requires substantial levels of one of the fatty acids found in Omega-3, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) repairs and rebuilds our brain cells. This fatty acid is why so many people call Omega-3 “brain food”.

An optimal amount of this fatty acid on a daily basis enables our brain to function at its ideal level, can improve our memory and even our IQ.

Conditions and diseases such as ADD, depression and multiple sclerosis can all be linked due to a lack of DHA levels within the brain and the diet. However, the omega-3 from fish doesn’t just stop with the brain, the benefits go much further.

Be Aware Of The Risks A Low-Quality Fish Oil Can Bring To Your Body

Many more of us though are starting to become more aware of health supplements in general and are coming to the conclusions that they are not created equally and Omega-3 is no different. Selecting the wrong one can ultimately be the difference between acquiring that healthiness you want or getting none at all…and even being detrimental to your health. In fact, some omega-3 fish oil supplements have even been found to contain toxins and pollutants that will certainly impair the health of your body eventually.

There is much more everybody needs to learn though, while it is true there are certain oils being sold that can hurt your health rather than improve it, there are ways to go about ensuring the company you are thinking of purchasing from produces good, pure and fresh fish oils.

With all of the hype that surrounds Omega-3 fish oils and the remarkable benefits, they can give it is understandable that many of us just assume all of it is good.

It may alarm you to discover that many of the available omega-3 fish oils today are actually rancid and are sold that way, due to the fact that many companies know little about the products they are trying to bottle up and sell. Surely, all of us would avoid eating a rancid fish, right? So why settle for rancid fish oils?

Recent Research Has Shown That Specific Cancers Could Be Linked To Dangerously Low Levels Of Omega-3 In A Diet!

Unless you have spent your life on a secluded island away from TV, radio and the internet for the past 10 years you will have heard of Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements. You possibly considered buying some too. However you need to be careful when selecting which supplements to buy, you need to find out the manufacturing process, the location they source the fish from and whether the oils have been through a filtration process to remove any foreign toxins etc.

What Constitutes The Difference In Grades Amongst All Of The Omega-3 Fish Oils?

A process called molecular distillation is the main difference you need to be aware of when looking for a good quality fish oil supplement. This process extracts the oil from the fish and then puts it through a vacuum like-process. Which removes all of the toxins and foreign elements which could do harm to our bodies. Such elements include PCB’s, mercury and other heavy metals, and man-made chemicals.

Not all of the pollution found in our waters is man-made either; there are huge amounts of natural forms of pollution in our waters too. So it is absolutely vital all of these are removed before we consume them. If you stick to supplements that have been molecularly distilled you are ensuring that your oils are pure. Pure of any of the poisons that could cause you more harm than good down the line.

This isn’t the only difference in quality that a variety of supplements will have, not all fish oils will contain the same levels of the vital fatty acids that our body requires. These DHA and EPA fatty acids will vary in content throughout different species of fish. Where they are located will also determine the potency of the acids contained within them.

Your fish should be sourced from as clean waters as possible, which is why we again suggest the waters around the coasts of New Zealand. These oceans are amongst the cleanest you could possibly find.

So What Are Some Of The Common Health Benefits Of Omega 3 From Fish Oils?

We have already discussed the benefits it holds for our brain, but omega-3 from fish oils go so much further than that.

  1. Skin Gives Us Healthier Looking Skin And Helps To Protect Against Skin Disease Such As Eczema And Acne.
  2. Heart Help To Prevent Against Strokes And Heart Attacks.
  3. Prevents Blood Clots The EPA Contained In Omega-3 Helps To Inhibit Any Blood Clotting Which Will, In Turn, Prevent Disease Such As Atherosclerosis.
  4. Balances Out Our Cholesterol Levels The Omega-3 Acids Can Decrease Our Bad Cholesterol Levels While Increasing The Levels Of The Good Type Of Cholesterol. This Aids Us In Preventing Heart Problems And Even Helps Us To Control Our Weight.
  5. Improves Our Nervous System An All Round Improvement In All Of Our Nerve Related Responses And Reactions.

As you can see omega-3 from fish oils have a monumental effect on the health of our whole body and not just the brain. This means that as long as we can ensure we get the right quality we deserve from the many supplements we have to choose from, we can be sure to receive each and every one of these benefits in abundance.