How To Buy Omega 3 Fish Oil On A Tight Budget

Omega 3 Fish Oil is the fatty acids which are contained in many of our food types. Like minerals and vitamins, they are very essential to the healthy operation of our body. However, unlike minerals and vitamins they can not be naturally produced from within us, therefore our only option to obtain these essential acids is to digest them.

Many of our body’s organs require these omega 3 fatty acids, without them our body will not run at maximum health, this is when diseases and disorders can set in.

There are 3 fatty acids associated with omega-3:

  • Poor Quality Fish Oils Sourced From Low Content Bearing Fish
  • Probable Differences In Ingredients To What Is Stated On The Label
  • Full Of Toxins Due To No Filtration Process Such As Molecular Distillation
  • Fish Oils Are Possibly Rancid

DHA is the most beneficial of all three of the fatty acids and has major priorities with our brain, heart, liver, and skin. EPA is next up and also has some important duties to perform for the health of our body. ALA fatty acids are substandard relatives who have not yet made the next step up. ALA can be transformed into DHA in our bodies, however, the amounts that are transformed are little in comparison to how much you actually have to eat.

We Know We Have To Digest Omega 3 But What Food Do We Need To Eat?

There will be traces of omega-3 in almost everything that we eat, apart from the processed foods and junk we can buy at fast food joints. These traces in most of the foods will only be very small, only in certain food types will you find high concentrations of omega-3.

The highest concentrations of omega-3 will always be found in fish, but the potency of the omega 3 will depend on what type of fish and where it was fished from. DHA and EPA will only be found in fish, all other types of foods that contain omega 3 will only contain the ALA strain.

Pristine Waters For Pristine Health Benefits!

Fish such as Hoki, Tuna, and Salmon will contain the highest content and purity of fatty acids, yet we have to remember that the oceans of this world are highly polluted. The toxins that fish can pick up in the seas can be very harmful to our health, which is why we suggest you only purchase omega-3 that uses fish from pristine waters.

Substances which are toxic to us will include the infamous PCB’s that are found throughout our oceans along with metals, such as mercury. These can have severe effects on our health, not just now but for years to come.

For this very reason, pregnant women have been advised not to eat fish while they are carrying the child, and even while they are still breastfeeding. The toxins can have very adverse effects on the child, which is a real shame because the DHA in fish oils is vitally important for babies.

There Is A Way Around This For Pregnant Women Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements!

What Are Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements?

These are by far the most convenient and simplest ways of getting your RDA of Omega-3, no more stuffing your face with enough fish to feed a dolphin. Additionally no more consuming the raw fish oils that taste and smell like…well fish!

For pregnant women, and for all of us actually, there are still measures we have to take care of to ensure we get clean and pure supplements. Supplements although easy and convenient, still carry risks if they are not bought from top producers.

Omega-3 is the latest and greatest in the world of natural ingredients, but there are so many flaws in the regulation of herbal ingredients. These flaws are allowing unscrupulous individuals to make a quick buck from simply using the name Omega 3.

The fact is that some customers see that it says omega 3 on the bottle and just buy it, especially if it is so much cheaper than they have seen before. This is wrong on so many levels; we need to ask ourselves “why is it so cheap?”

Why Are Some Omega 3 Fish Oil So Cheap?

  • Poor Quality Fish Oils Sourced From Low Content Bearing Fish
  • Probable Differences In Ingredients To What Is Stated On The Label
  • Full Of Toxins Due To No Filtration Process Such As Molecular Distillation
  • Fish Oils Are Possibly Rancid

So as you can see, a cheap fish oil supplement will cause you more problems than they solve. The health issues these can cause you are certainly not worth the risk.

Sometimes you could end up with cheap, worthless, mass-produced oils that have just been bought in bulk and had another label slapped on them. Or worse than that you could get a product that doesn’t even state what ingredients are present in the oil capsules.

How To Avoid These Pitfalls

Ensure you do some homework on any proposed supplement brand before you purchase. Try to learn about their processing techniques, where the fish oils were sourced and how far their processing labs are from where they were fished.

An Open Supplement Brand Is An Honest Supplement Brand

A good quality brand will be happy to tell you any information you require, they will be proud of their oils and techniques in producing them.

On the flip side, if a brand seems edgy and unsure when you ask them those questions, it is likely you have caught them on the hop. They may try and bedazzle you with long words or say what you want to hear, this is why your prior research on them may catch them out.

We have the internet at our fingertips, it is the biggest information gallery known to man: use it. If there are bad things to be said about a company, any search engine will find it.

Molecular Distillation

This is the only way to be sure that your fish oils do not contain any toxins. This process is the difference between standard and pharmaceutical grade supplements.

By heating the oils below boiling point, this separates anything that shouldn’t be in there and sucks them out in a vacuum-like process. This removes every toxin known to man and enables you to benefit from totally pure fish oil supplements.

What Can Omega 3 Fish Oil Do For Us?

So now that we have answered the question “what is omega 3 fish oil?” lets answer “what can it do for us?”

Fish oil has a whole host of benefits from being a complete brain food to keeping our heart healthy. The benefits don’t just stop there though.

  • Help To Prevent Impaired Brain Development In Our Children
  • Reduces The Chances Of complications During Pregnancy
  • A 50% Reduction In The Chances Of Cardiac Arrest
  • Helps To Control And Prevent Irregular Heartbeats
  • Shown To Have Prevention Qualities Against Breast & Colon Cancer
  • Helps To Control Weight By Reducing Cravings
  • Mental Depressions Disorders Such As ADHD, Alzheimer’s And Huntington’s Can Be Treated And Prevented
  • Excellent Anti-Inflammatory Benefits To Help With The Symptoms Of Arthritis
  • Superb For Our Hair, Teeth And Skin
  • Helps To Prevent Diabetes
  • Sustain Our Eyesight For Longer

All of these are excellent health benefits, and there are so many more. Our all round general health can be substantially improved, and as a doctor will tell you: good health breeds more good health.